Jobs in the construction, repair, hotel and restaurant sectors in the UAE increased

More than 5 lakh new work permits issued, the number of employees increased by 9%, the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates released a report on the workforce of the private sector.

Abu Dhabi The UAE issued more than 500,000 new work permits and the number of employees in the private sector increased by 9%. According to Emirati media, the United Arab Emirates has issued more than 500,000 new work permits during the second quarter of 2022, which is 27 percent more than the work permits issued during the same period of 2021. The period saw an 8 percent decline in work permit cancellations compared to the first quarter of 2021, resulting in around 3 lakh permit cancellations.

The Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates (MOHRE) has released a report on the private sector workforce, predicting a 9% increase in the number of private sector workers residing in DUBAI in the 2nd quarter of 2022. Also revealed and the total number of private sector employees registered in MOHRE’s database by the end of the second quarter was 53 lakh 76 thousand 842.

Khalil Al Khoury, Acting Under-Secretary for Human Resource Affairs at MOHRE, said that the increase in the private sector workforce is linked to the remarkable growth of the UAE economy, which is also in line with the government’s policies and strategic initiatives. which strengthen the country’s position and active role in the international economic ecosystem, which was also highlighted by several reports of international economic organizations.

It has been reported that the construction sector accounted for the largest share of new work permits issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emirates during the second quarter of the year 2022, followed by the business services, trade and repair services sectors. , including the manufacturing sector, hotels and restaurants sector, 26 percent of the total private sector workforce registered with the ministry is in the construction sector, followed by 21 percent in trade and repair services and 19 percent in the business services sector.


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