The ban on single-use shoppers will be applicable from January 2024

A ban on the use of plastic bags has been announced in Sharjah, the ban on single-use bags will be implemented from January 2024. According to Khaleej Times, a ban on single-use plastic bags has been announced in Sharjah from January 1, 2024. In this regard, according to the resolution issued by the Executive Council of the Emirates, buyers will be provided with an environmentally friendly alternative, which As per 1 January 2024, trade, production, offer or importation of plastic bags and materials in the UAE is banned.

It has been reported that the Department of Municipalities has been tasked with planning and making policies to implement the ban, for which consumer awareness programs will also be launched to encourage residents towards multi-use and eco-friendly bags. Help to go.

It is worth noting here that the single-use plastic ban came into effect in Abu Dhabi from June 1, while in Dubai, from July 1, retailers have been charging 25 fils per bag and have sold such bags within a month. saw a 40 percent reduction in the use of plastic bags while the initiative was taken to limit single-use bags to increase environmental sustainability.

In this regard, the Executive Council said that according to a survey, 50 percent of the community today segregates waste in their homes, plastic bags take 400 years to decompose and thousands of years to reduce their negative environmental impact. 86% of dead turtles found on UAE beaches had ingested plastic material, while 50% of camel deaths in the UAE are attributed to the use of plastic bags, around the same rate as single-use plastic bags. Support for changing practices has reached 85 percent of the emirate’s community, including all nationalities and 100 percent of businesses.


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