Children who arrived in Dubai after spending holidays in the UK got their passports stamped at the immigration counter

Dubai Airport authorities granted the innocent wish of 2 children, a brother-sister duo from the UK will remember their warm welcome at DXB for years to come. According to Emirati media, the Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Al Marri, was patrolling the Dubai International Airport during which he decided to surprise two children, 9-year-old Isobel and 6-year-old Charles. Those who were returning to Dubai after their holidays in the UK were given the opportunity to self-stamp their passports at the immigration counter.

In this regard, the father of the children,Thomas Williams, said that we reach in Dubai after spending a holiday in the United Kingdom and our number in the immigration come, so that two of my children were curious on the officers inside the counters were doing. On this occasion, the D.G of Iqama and Foreigners Affairs, Mohammad Al Marri, arrived there on an investigative visit and found the children happy and then he carry the children to the counter, where two of the children happily went through the process of the passport officers. The children introduce and told that they want to stamp their own immigration stamp on their passports.

The kids squealed with delight, the brother-sister duo from the UK will remember the warm welcome they received at DXB for years to come and the kids are sure to have an unstoppable story to tell when they Will return to his school in Al Barsha this September.

Meanwhile, Dubai Airports won a Gold Award for Innovative Workplace Design during the Corona pandemic. Internationally recognized for innovative workplace design during


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