An easy way to register on the mobile application before traveling on a visit or tourist visa has been explained

Visitors to the UAE are advised to register on the ‘Al Hosn Al Hosn’ app as the UAE Health Department is making extraordinary efforts to keep its residents and tourists safe, which is why the UAE The Covid situation in India is stabilizing and daily cases have been decreasing rapidly over the past few weeks.
According to Gulf media, the UAE has an official Covid app called Al Hussan, Visit Abu Dhabi has instructed tourists to download and register the app before traveling as it will keep you safe and your Abu Dhabi family safe. Will make the journey smooth and safe.

It has been reported that entry to most public places and attractions in the UAE capital is only allowed to those who have ‘Green Pass’ status on the Al Hasan app, a vaccine to maintain the green status in the app. Vaccinated travelers should receive a negative PCR test result every 14 days. Unvaccinated tourists should receive a negative PCR test result every two days. You can easily register on the app before your arrival;

  • Download AlHosn App
  • Click on ‘Visitor’ icon
  • Select ‘Register’
  • Fill in your details (Make sure the mobile number you provide is the same as the one you will submit to ICP upon arrival in UAE)
  • Review your information and continue
  • Enter the 6 digit OTP sent to your cell phone
  • Verify your profile after arriving in UAE

Green pass

Tourists exempt from official vaccinations must receive a negative PCR test result every seven days for green status, with children under 12 years of age automatically receiving green status without vaccination or PCR testing. Get it.


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