The Omani Ministry of the department of Tourism and Cultural Heritage advertising a campaign in five cities of India

The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the Gulf Kingdom of Oman is organizing a promotional campaign in 5 cities in India to promote Oman as an attractive destination for destination weddings, roadshows and workshops in addition to New Delhi. It will be held in Abad, Mumbai, Chennai and will conclude on August 29 in Bengaluru.

Muscat Daily reported that a large number of tourists from India come to the Sultanate, the number of Indian tourists visiting Oman in July 2022 was 36 thousand 087 which is the highest in the last 10 years, a total of 1 lakh from January to July. 67 thousand 678 Indian tourists visited Oman, considering this interest of Indian citizens, it was decided to introduce Oman as a destination wedding for them.

The workshops in this regard will see the presence of delegations from the Ministry, Omani tourism companies, hotels and airlines, through this initiative the Ministry aims to highlight the wonderful tourism experiences that Oman has to offer, it’s also promoting other tourism avenues, including wedding tourism, conferences and exhibitions.

In this regard, A.D. G of the Directorate General of department Tourism Promotion of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage Asma bint Salim Al-Hajri comments that India is an important tourism market for Oman, the Sultanate as a tourist destination would attract the deep interest of Indian tourists. because it suits all their needs and interests.

He said that destination weddings are a growing tourism industry in India and Oman has hosted many grand Indian weddings as our country offers excellent hosting capabilities for such events in terms of logistics and hotel services. Is.  Asma more say that Oman weather is multi-seasonal and beautiful destination, known for its beautiful nature, hospitality and cultural heritage and has been attracting tourists from all walks of life for many years, so our focus is now more global. Focused on attracting affluent travelers to experience its luxurious and diverse hospitality.

The Assistant Director General of Tourism Promotion, Directorate General of Cultural Heritage and Tourism said that the workshops will facilitate meetings between the Ministry’s delegations with senior officials of the tourism company in India apart from the Indian. Will also help negotiate deals with companies, which will help in bringing the flow of tourists from India back to pre-corona levels.


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