Any type of public issue can be complained with the help of the new feature

Saudi Arabia has introduced a new facility in Tawaklana app, with the help of the new feature one can complain about any kind of public problem in urban areas. According to the Saudi Gazette, the Tawaklan application has launched a new feature that allows people living in Saudi Arabia to report any kind of problem if they see it.

It is learned that this new feature aims to improve the urban landscape in the cities and regions of Saudi Arabia to achieve the concept of Smart Cities, apart from the fact that it will improve the quality of life in the community. For this purpose Tokalna has launched a visual distortion reporting service on the reporting portal section in the application.

It is reported that the facility has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Local and Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRA), under which people who want to report cases of visual impairment can visit the reporting portal in the Tokalna application to the Ministry of Local Government. And select Rural Affairs and Housing and then on selecting the Landscape Development feature the person will be asked to take a picture of the report after which they can choose to submit the report.
While all the fields are required to be filled in for the report, only after which any person can submit the report and then send the report to the concerned authority, the Urban Landscape Improvement Service also enables every report submitter to Enables them to review their complaints after they are submitted.


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