EHS health card holders will get special discounts on medical consultation and diagnostic charges

If you are looking to get good healthcare at reasonable prices, visiting doctors and specialists in government facilities can be a good option as Emirates Health Services (EHS) runs government hospitals and medical centres in various emirates. , particularly in Sharjah and other northern emirates, allows UAE residents to access health facilities at a low cost through their health card.

According to Gulf News, EHS operates more than 130 healthcare facilities across the UAE, including 13 hospitals and 59 primary health centres. can apply through any hospital and clinic or typing centre run by EHS and EHS health card holders will get a 50% discount on medical consultation and diagnostic expenses but excluding medicines.

If you want to take your child to a paediatrician or book an appointment with a dentist at EHS-operated hospitals and clinics, you can apply for a health card at the following locations: can give;
  • Service delivery centres (hospitals, clinics, or health centres)
  • Typing Centers

You only need to provide your Emirates ID to apply for your health card however these additional documents are required when applying for a health card for a newborn;

  • Birth certificate
  • Father’s passport
  • Mother’s passport
  • Father’s Emirates ID
  • Mother’s Emirates ID
  • Father’s residence permit
  • Mother’s residence permit

It is learned that whether you apply for the service through the health centre or through the typing centre you just need to submit the documents and pay the fee for the card, once the application is approved by EHS you will receive your registered mobile number.

You will receive a notification through an SMS, it is important to note here that the health card is not a physical card and the information is only updated on your Emirates ID, which you use to access government health facilities. While the fee for this card is AED 500 for foreigners of all ages and the card is valid for one year and will need to be renewed if you wish to continue using the services, EHS UAE operates 131 health facilities, including the following hospitals;


  • Amal Psychiatric Hospital Alweer
  • Al Kuwait Hospital Dera


  • Kuwait Hospital, Kuwait Street, Al Qudsiyya
  • Al-Zhad Hospital Al-Zhad
  • Kharfkan Hospital Yarmouk
  • Al Qasimi Hospital, Wasit Street, Mujaidar Suburb, Al Khaizamiyyah
  • Kalba Hospital Ali Bin Abi Talib Street
  • Al Qasimi Women and Children Hospital Al Khazamiyyah

Umm Al-Quwain

  • Umm Al Quwain Hospital Shah Faisal Street

Ras Al Khaimah


  • Diba Hospital, Diba Al Fujairah
  • Al Fujairah Hospital, Near to Fujairah Mall, Anajimat,Dida Road
  • Masafi Hospital, Al Zaheed East Coast Road


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