This tariff change made in Ajman will be automatically updated in the smart meter system

Taxi fares in Ajman have also been reduced due to lower petroleum product prices in the UAE for the month of September, with the aim of improving the service to provide convenience to customers without increasing fares.

I am According to Emirati media, taxi fares in Ajman have been reduced for September in line with the drop in fuel prices in the UAE, bringing relief to passengers considering the increase in demand for the service, according to the Ajman Public Transport Authority (APTA) aims to improve services by following effective controls and norms for the convenience of consumers without increasing prices.

A senior official of the establishment said the reduction considers the success of the establishment’s key sector digital transformation plans and development designed to enchant taxi users in the emirate. The system will instinctively be updated which will increase the level of service provided by the establishment to the taxi sector. The establishment identifies that there are six franchise firms in the sector as well as Ajman Taxi in the emirate and the figure of taxi license plates in Ajman has gained 2,230 driven by drivers who undergo continuous training courses in the field. , to get taxi service can be applied through the Ajman application route.

Going to say something that the prices of petroleum items have been decreasing in the United Arab Emirates, the Fuel Price Committee in the United Arab Emirates has announced the new prices of petrol and diesel for the month of September, which the Fuel Price Committee of the UAE has cut the price of petrol 98 for September to 3.41 dirhams per litre, compared to 4.03 dirhams per litre in August. It has been reported that a reduction in the price of petrol 95 has also been announced, which was available at 3.92 dirhams per litre in August, but will be priced at 3.30 dirhams per litre in September, similarly to the 4.14 dirhams sold in August. Diesel price has been fixed at AED 3.87 per litre in September while 91 e Plus will be priced at AED 3.22 per litre for the month of September.


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