Where is the hottest and boiling river in the world?

You may have heard of many strange things in the world, but have you ever heard of a boiling river?

The world’s hottest and most boiling river flows through the Amazon jungle near Peru.

The name of this river is Shane Timpeshka, also known as La Bomba by locals, 6.4 km long and 20 feet deep, the amazing thing about this river is that if you go to this river by boat, it is completely normal in its initial part. You will find the water flowing, but as you move forward, it will get heated up to a certain point, but then there will be a point in the river where the water is so hot that if a person falls into it, his death will be certain, however many When animals reach this place, they die within a short time.


At this point in the river, the temperature is 93 degrees Celsius and the water is so hot that if you put eggs in the water, they will be ready to eat in a short time, without standing too long in the boiling water. A person can faint from its vapor.


The river’s name, Shane Timpeshka, means ‘boiled by the heat of the sun’, although experts believe the source of the water’s heat is actually geothermal. Water is given birth by ‘Yakumama’, a giant snake spirit known as the ‘Mother of Waters’.


According to research by geothermal scientist Andres Roseau, the river maintains its high temperature despite not being near any active volcanoes or geothermal vents, which normally provide geothermal heat for groundwater. National Geographic describes it as a purely natural feature


According to experts, because the groundwater temperature is higher than the surface water due to its proximity to the Earth’s mantle, the theory is that rainwater falls on the surface of the Amazon Rainforest and finds deep-rooted faults from where it seeps down. goes into the layer of In this way the water is heated according to the geothermal gradient.


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